The ‘Grandfather Chair’ has returned

When you think back to your younger days, visiting your grandparents house, you may recall your grandad having his own special chair in the living room. Well your Grandad wasn’t the only one, this classic chair is now a must

Creating a Shabby-Chic Look for your Kitchen

Looking for ideas to create the perfect shabby-chic kitchen? We have a few that you may want to try out yourself. If you have a vintage door that’s been sitting in your garage for years, you can turn that into

Adding vintage furniture to your home

Vintage furniture is becoming a popular option within new and old homes, with more people seeking for individual styles. Vintage furniture can certainly add character to your home, and create the perfect interior design options. Finding vintage furniture can sometimes

Creating the perfect office work environment

If you, like many others have opted for starting your own business or are working from home, finding a place to do your work can be difficult. We have complied some tips on creating the perfect office environment for getting

Creating a shabby chic look in your living room

Shabby chic decorating in your living room is still a big trend right now, it came back within the last 5 years and it’s not going away anytime soon, especially in our living rooms. This unique decor is all about

Bringing an exposed brick wall as a feature to your home

With friends and family updating their stylish homes, we often feel that we may not have the knack for interior design. That there are rules we need to follow, ideas we need for innovation. A great addition to your homes

Interior design ideas for your living room

Deciding to update your living room can really make your home spring back to life. Your living room gets a lot of traffic in and out of it, it brings the family together with a good film or a game.

Decorating the home with oak furniture

Oak is a beautiful wood grain and looks lovely in a home. It blends in well with other types of decor and always has a stylish and attractive appearance. It would be an asset to any home to furnish it

Coffee Shops and Interior Design

All around the world right now there is a huge interior design trend which is sometimes referred to as urban design. Many commercial places, such as coffee shops, share some of the main features, so much so that it can

Maintain style with minimalistic Christmas Decorations

You don’t have to be a ‘Scrooge’ to want a nice tidy home around Christmas and sometimes having too many decorations and hundreds of different colours everywhere can ruin the look of your modern and minimalistic home. That said, you

Appliances say a lot about your home

You’ve probably picked up on this when you’ve been to a friend or family member’s house; appliances can say a lot about a person. If for instance, you have a filthy old microwave, a basic box-like fridge from the 80s

Improving the Look of your House

It is sometimes challenging to get that high-quality product. It is even much challenging if the product is only found in limited places. There could be vendors of the product online but again, you are not sure of the quality.