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How much firewood do you need for the winter months?

The winter season can be so cold here in the UK and we’re experiencing some of the worst weather right now. This is why we recommend you take some time to bundle up in the warm and stay inside. To

Appliances say a lot about your home

You’ve probably picked up on this when you’ve been to a friend or family member’s house; appliances can say a lot about a person. If for instance, you have a filthy old microwave, a basic box-like fridge from the 80s

Balancing black and white in your kitchen

The kitchen is a tricky place to create a colour theme, because when you factor all of the appliances into the design, it’s very difficult to find these in one particular colour. That’s why many people balance black and white

Adding personality to your walls

If you have a room in your home without any artwork, photos, posters, shelves or clocks on your wall we have one question for you. What are you thinking? You can bring so much more joy and personality to your

Budget Stoves – The problems

Stoves aren’t exactly a cheap household item, well actually that’s not entirely true. They can be. You can avoid all of the big brands nowadays and opt for very cheap models, possibly Asian imports, but you do need to be

Whether or Not to Install Your Hot-tub Inside or Out

Hot-tub are one of those great things that can really add to your quality of life. A lot of people underestimate them, but whether you’re entertaining guests or are just looking for a great place and way to relax, hot

Lamps: Why they Say an Awful Lot about a Room

A lamp or a series of lamps will obviously add practicality to rooms (with bright light), but they’re also extremely important in terms of styling. A Luxo lamp is perfect for executive offices and living rooms and it can add

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Latte Cups For Commercial Coffee Shops

There are quite a number of factors to consider when purchasing latte cups. This is especially the case for individuals who would like to use them in their coffee making business. The cups that are used in commercial establishments are

Why Choose a Whirlpool Bath?

If you’ve never experienced the sensation you get from a whirlpool bath, it’s easy to dismiss it as an essential item in your home. That said, many people who have experienced it could never go back to a standard bathtub.

Americanise your Kitchen

To Americanise your kitchen into an exciting diner, you’re going to need the right equipment. Many American diners feature bench seating, chequered tile flooring, juke boxes, neon lights and menu boards. Obviously you don’t have to go all out and