Creating the perfect office work environment

If you, like many others have opted for starting your own business or are working from home, finding a place to do your work can be difficult. We have complied some tips on creating the perfect office environment for getting your work done.

De-clutter- a clear space gives you are clear mind, throw away all rubbish and sell any unwanted items.

Get organised- have a filing cabinet that is fully organised helps with getting the work completed quicker, as you can find documents easier and faster.

Window space- having a large window helps, however if this is not possible, having a inspirational picture should do the trick.

Comfortable desk and chair- keeping yourself well is very important, including your posture, having a chair and desk that is the best height to suit your needs, will defiantly make a more comfortable working environment.

Distractions- Avoid a high traffic area of your home, keeping your work space separate from others works best. Close the door and ask others not to disturb you, will minimise interruptions and distractions from others.

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