4 Ways to Liven up your Walls

Plain walls can work well if you’re aging for a minimalist style, but if you feel your walls are looking a little bit bland, there are plenty of ways to add some life.


The easiest way to add some colour is by using wallpaper. It’s cheap to buy and easy to put up, and there are virtually unlimited colours and textures to choose between.

Photo galleries

These will bring personality to the rooms in your home, and nothing adds homeliness like those special family moments. Graduation, birthday and holiday photos can add colour, humour and happiness to your home.

Wall Stickers

These are great if you only want to add some details to your walls without changing the entire colour theme. You can buy famous quotes as wall stickers as well as different symbols and patterns, and these can work to create a feature wall, whilst it’s a very cheap option.


Adding a few layers of paint can be the obvious choice, and so it should be. It’s lasts fo years, it’s easy to apply and you can easily find a colour or a shade that matches your property, furniture and personality.