Add Bold Colours to your Living Room Walls

Bold colours can make or break a living room, and you should consider the impact of a strong colour before you decide to paint every wall in your living room. In most cases, a splash of colour here or there won’t do any harm, but it can if you use a strong colour and ‘take it too far’.

Switching from white, cream or magnolia walls to bright red, blue or green can make a huge difference on the look and feel of your room, and so too can bright wallpaper, which is why you should add colours tastefully.

Not every colour is going to work with your living room furniture, and that’s one of the main reasons why people opt for neutrally coloured walls, but bold colours can work. Having 2 red walls separated with two white walls can look nice, and you get colour without overdoing it. Having one wall covered in eye-catching wallpaper is another option, but whatever you decide on, plan your look out first.