Adding personality to your walls

If you have a room in your home without any artwork, photos, posters, shelves or clocks on your wall we have one question for you. What are you thinking? You can bring so much more joy and personality to your walls if you liven them up with framed photographs or motivational posters. If that’s not quite your cup of tea, there’s always the opportunity to add a clock that fits in with the era of your home, whilst mirrors can look great in any house.

A fresh painted wall isn’t a happy wall until it has some life on it, and that’s what interior designers are great at. They can pick items that are just right for the style of your property, whilst they can also create themes that run through each of the rooms in your home. We’ve all got family photos and you only have to pop into your local town centre to get them printed and buy a frame. No one should have to have lifeless walls in their home, so make sure you start looking if you haven’t already.