Are tumble dryers a must have appliance?

Tumble dryers have become increasingly popular in recent years in the UK and it is estimated that 60% of homes now have one. Tumble dryers only really have one major advantage being that they are capable of drying clothes in the quickest time possible. They can hold a large capacity of clothes and visually look far tidier than a clothes horse. You can purchase vented or condenser versions. If space is a problem then you can purchase mini tabletop dryers.

Although they dry clothes far quicker than any traditional method that is the only advantage they have although for some it is a complete must to own a tumble dryer for this convenience. Tumble dryers do come with some disadvantages such as cost to run them, they can give you quite a large electric bill if in use too frequently. They are also not the best option for your clothes if not used correctly. You run the risk of shrinking your clothes if you put them in on a high heat that is not suitable for the fabric type. There are several setting options on most tumble dryers so this can be avoided if used correctly.