Bringing an exposed brick wall as a feature to your home

With friends and family updating their stylish homes, we often feel that we may not have the knack for interior design. That there are rules we need to follow, ideas we need for innovation. A great addition to your homes interior design is an exposed brick wall. An exposed brick wall gives your home an industrial yet rustic look, while adding endless character and charm. We all know how important accessorising is, especially for an edgy home décor. Exposed brick walls encourages that, you can add photo frames, paintings and statement shelving too.

You can mix it up with exposed bricks in your home, such as different coloured walls, a whitewashed exposed brick wall and a plain navy blue adjacent wall, to get a contemporary look. You can add white coloured hardwood and polished concrete or some vintage and weathered elements to get a modern look too.

Exposed brick works with any kind of furniture. Finding the right furniture for your home décor and aligning them perfectly can be a daunting task sometimes. But that’s not an issue in the case of these exposed brick walls. They go with any kind of furniture, adapt to your décor style. It doesn’t matter if you have basic furniture and bright paintings or contemporary sofas and sleek wood panels, there are no rules.

Adding an exposed brick wall is definitely a great design feature to bring to your home, choosing a wall may be a little more tricky. Make sure the bricks that will be exposed are pleasant to see, as certain bricks are made to be hidden as they do not have a stylish finish to them. One exposed brick wall is usually enough for one home as, over doing a style can hinder the effect you are going for, and feel a lot less homely.