Coffee Shops and Interior Design

All around the world right now there is a huge interior design trend which is sometimes referred to as urban design. Many commercial places, such as coffee shops, share some of the main features, so much so that it can be tricky to find a coffee shop that’s completely different from the others in your local town or city.

Where did this trend come from?

First, let us talk about what the trend actually is. When we refer to ‘urban design’ we essentially mean a particular shabby chic or rustic interior, possibly comprising of old steel stalls, bookshelves lined with old books to their walls, low hanging light bulbs, exposed brick walls, bicycles hung on walls and solid oak flooring. We’re sure you’ve been to at least one coffee house that looks like this and it’s a popular look because it has a slightly edgy interior. With character on show around the room, you can enjoy the scenery and relax with a cup of coffee, however, is this trend now being overdone? Arguably yes. Many businesses have followed suit and we’re going through a stage right now where independent coffee shops are thriving and many have this very urban interior design.

What will come next?

We’re not entirely sure yet, solid oak, bricks, steel and the scent of a library seem to be pretty strong right now, but it only takes a few leading players to change the game and create a new coffee space that’s different and special. Finding a quaint coffee shop used to be a tricky task but it’s now easier than ever, and we may soon see many independent coffee houses changing their interior design to a completely new trend. So do keep your eyes peeled when you’re next out in your local town or city centre.