Create a White Country Style Bedroom

The country style seems to be back with a bang, and it’s a firm favourite among shabby chic lovers. If you have a lot of dainty, colourful and elegant home accessories, then these can stand out in a white country bedroom.

White painted oak wardrobes, bedside cabinets and TV stands can create a bright and breezy bedroom; especially if you have matching white walls, and the entire space will then feel a lot more energetic and productive. Patchwork bed throws, vintage sofas and 50s inspired curtains can complete the look, and this delicate style is becoming extremely popular right now.

With a white country style, your bedroom will feel brighter, fresher and a lot more spacious, and you can then choose several colours to compliment your white country theme. The inclusion of different colours will add energy, character and life, whilst making sure your room doesn’t feel too ‘minimalist’.