Creating a Shabby-Chic Look for your Kitchen

Looking for ideas to create the perfect shabby-chic kitchen? We have a few that you may want to try out yourself.

If you have a vintage door that’s been sitting in your garage for years, you can turn that into a table. Simply varnish it, put some legs under, and a glass over it and you already have a dining table that suits your taste. You can also place a vintage clock or a DIY vintage lamp with warm light to give your kitchen that scruffy faded look.

If you are after something subtler, you might want to try painting your walls white or cream then your fixtures be pastel. Adding small vintage items to create your desired Shabby-Chic look.

Whatever it is that you want to do with your kitchen, make sure that it’s plain and simple. One or two vintage centrepieces is enough to accentuate the kitchen leaving you with a lot of room for cooking and eating space.