How to Refresh your Bedroom

We send approx. 1/3 of our lives asleep, meaning the bedroom should be cosy and relaxing. When deciding that you want to redecorate this room, you don’t need to demolish anything!  Here are our top tips.

Organise and de-clutter
Start by reorganising your bedside table.  Do you need all those books on there?  Put them back on the bookshelf or donate them to charity.  Donate or sell any unwanted items of clothing and make space for the new.

Painting the walls
The easiest and quickest thing to change the look of a room is to paint the walls. Choose a colour that will help soothe you into dreamland and matches the general theme you want for the room.

Wall art
The bedroom is a great place to hang art that means a lot to you; we spend a lot of time in the room. The art can be a painting by your favourite artist (whether a professional or a child’s masterpiece) or a photo collage.