Vintage Lampshades – The Trend is Here

A vintage lampshade can add character to your living room, and the industrial metal style is currently back in trend, especially when it is hung low from the ceiling like you’ll see in the image below.


If you love the retro British style, then this type of lamp can enhance the look of your room, and the ‘old school’ style can be taken further with retro shelving, coffee tables and TV stands. There are different shapes and styles to choose between, but whether you want something classical, stylish or boxy; you should always make sure the light spread evenly throughout the room.

Having a series of low hanging vintage lampshades in the same style can be a nice option, and they can then work together as an eye-catching feature in a particular room. More and more people are combining vintage homeware with modern conveniences, and this is a great example of 21st century design.