Hot-tub are one of those great things that can really add to your quality of life. A lot of people underestimate them, but whether you’re entertaining guests or are just looking for a great place and way to relax, hot tubs stand above the rest of most other options. One of the most important decisions […]
It has long been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home and whilst times and lifestyles change, we still believe this to be true. The kitchen is not just a place where you prepare meals but it is a room where families and friends come together and share good food and good […]
So many new homes are painted in ‘builder’s magnolia’ and for some reason it’s become a favourite among developers. It has many neutral qualities, and it can work nicely in any room, but ‘nice’ isn’t always good enough. Magnolia can be boring and it certainly lacks personality, so think about the colours that reflect you […]
A lamp or a series of lamps will obviously add practicality to rooms (with bright light), but they’re also extremely important in terms of styling. A Luxo lamp is perfect for executive offices and living rooms and it can add a classical style to a room, yet it’s highly practical too and you can move […]
When you’re deciding on the right paint for your walls, you need to choose wisely, because it’s going to be a long-term decision. Not many people change the colours of their walls on a monthly or even yearly basis, so you have to get the job done right. The problem is, there are so many […]
Oak is one of those materials; it’s classy, it’s valuable and it’s really pleasing on the eye. That said, oak isn’t cheap and that’s because it’s solid, hard-wearing and it’s going to last for decades or even centuries. If you want to add quality to your home then oak furniture can help and this could […]
There are quite a number of factors to consider when purchasing latte cups. This is especially the case for individuals who would like to use them in their coffee making business. The cups that are used in commercial establishments are very different from those that are used at home or at dinner parties. The following […]
When you are designing your fireplace or when you simply want to give it a facelift one of the ideas that you will probably have in mind is to use oak beams. This is justifiably so because oak has the natural beauty that will give your fireplace that sparkle that you desire. However, if you […]
Many people hate plaster boarding. Why? Because it’s time consuming, boring and very tedious. That’ said, some people do enjoy it, and it’s definitely a job worth doing. If you can get the plaster boarding done right in a new home, your walls will look a lot better, and you make the job an awful […]
There is a cosy warmth given off by a log burning stove that that central heating can never touch. It might be rooted to the idea that when warmth is mentioned, a wood fire is one of the images comes to mind. Whether your log-burning stove is brand new or you have been using it […]
If you’ve never experienced the sensation you get from a whirlpool bath, it’s easy to dismiss it as an essential item in your home. That said, many people who have experienced it could never go back to a standard bathtub. Whirlpool tubs tend to be large, relaxing and spa-like, and they can soothe your muscles […]
The country style seems to be back with a bang, and it’s a firm favourite among shabby chic lovers. If you have a lot of dainty, colourful and elegant home accessories, then these can stand out in a white country bedroom. White painted oak wardrobes, bedside cabinets and TV stands can create a bright and […]