Roof lights – Things to Consider

Rooflight can add light to a poorly lit room or attic renovations.  However, some factors should be considered before deciding on which roof lights to install.

Consider the shape of your roof

A lot of homeowners do not consider the shape of their roofs when deciding on roof lights.  People with a sloping roof have a wider variety of choices.  Those with a flat roof need to consider a domed roof light to help with drainage and prevent rain pooling.

Size of the room

Installing roof lights can not only make a room look brighter but also make it look bigger.  To make this illusion work, we recommend pyramid-shaped roof lights.

If you are considering roof lights, we recommend you get the advice and support of a professional company that specialises in roof lights and are experienced in their installation.  This will help ensure that your roof lights remain leak-free and you receive the correct warranties.