Simple Vintage Home Décor Ideas

A vintage style home is always in fashion, so here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Never be afraid of vintage home styling.  People get hung up on what they should put in their home, but a home is as unique as you. If you like it, then go for it.  Dare to be different.

If you have never decorated in vintage style before, start with something small. Check out charity shops, car boot sales and Facebook Marketplace for a couple of vintage pieces and start from there.

To create a clean vintage look, pair your new pieces with neutral coloured items. 

Don’t forget to ask relatives if they have any old furniture items in the attic that you could have.  Remember that the things you are putting in your home now may have been the norm they were a child.

Don’t use items for their intended purpose.  Metal buckets can become holders for flower arrangements.  Your dads only wooden toolbox can become a book holder.