Springtime Décor ideas

Although we have had quite a few storms back to back in the UK, Springtime is here, so here are a few décor tips to get you in the mood for the change of the season.

If you like the boho aesthetic, this is perfect for you. A woven room divider looks like it belongs in the 60s/70s but makes an ideal boho modern screen.

For those who upcycle their furniture, painting draw fronts, either freehand or with a stencil, is the perfect way to bring new life to an old piece of furniture.

The colour of the moment is Lavender, a beautiful calming colour that can be used in any room of the home. 

Set your inner child free with fabric wall hangings. They create a focal point within a room and look fantastic above a headboard or behind a rustic sofa in the kid’s room. Quilts also work well for a more ‘grown up’ look.

Stripes are back and look great on larger pieces of furniture, like sofas, to break up monotone colours. You can also look at getting stripped cushions or stripped vases if having a striped sofa does not appeal to you.