The ‘Grandfather Chair’ has returned

When you think back to your younger days, visiting your grandparents’ house, you may recall your grandad having his own special chair in the living room. Well, your Grandad wasn’t the only one, this classic chair is now a must-have in many homes.

With the classic look features including upholstered leather, wooden legs and of course the vintage wingback design. Many are seeking out these vintage beauties in their local second-hand furniture stores, auction houses or even as hand me downs from their Grandparents themselves.

An alternative to a second-hand chair is to find a new chair that has been designed to have the ‘Grandfather chair’ look, containing many of the must-have features.

The great thing about these chairs is that they fit into any living room style, as they don’t match with any other item of furniture, and that’s what makes them work so well in any home.