What is a snug room and why do so many homeowners create them?

A snug is a small and private room that’s designed to offer peace and relaxation. Here in the UK you can also think of it as a cosy room to chill out and relax in, whilst stereotypical features include oak flooring, a log burner, a bookcase and plaint paint or textured wallpaper. We recommend that if you’re designing a snug, you design it to be warm and cosy all year round, whilst it should be a room that doesn’t include technology and is merely designed to allow your mind to wander, whilst you can read books or magazines and listen to the radio. Keeping a snug simple is what separates it from a living room. We love the idea of installing a traditional log burner in your snug, because sometimes nothing quite beats the smell, sound and sight of a roaring fire. You will of course have to see whether this is practical in your home, and be mindful that you’ll need to have a regular supply of hardwood logs, especially in the winter months, but this would certainly be a wonderful addition to a snug room.

With comfort and simplicity being key to the creation of a snug, it’s also important to have a sofa or set of chairs that are perfect for lounging in. You should be able to snuggle up beside the fire with a book and the radio playing in the background, so choosing a chair that’s friendly to your body will be a great help too. If you love the idea of creating a snug and have a spare room in your house, know that it doesn’t take a great deal of effort, just a few additions are needed, so it doesn’t have to be a big investment.