How much firewood do you need for the winter months?

The winter season can be so cold here in the UK and we’re experiencing some of the worst weather right now. This is why we recommend you take some time to bundle up in the warm and stay inside. To create a truly snug and cosy atmosphere in your home, you need to learn more about what it takes to warm your house.

A fireplace could be a brilliant idea as you’re able to save money on central heating and add style and class to your home. It will also prove to be a good choice in emergency situations, such as power outages. With a fireplace, a log burner, a gas fire or a multi-fuel stove, you can also add value to your home if you do decide to put it on the market in the future.

Frequency of use

For those who have or want to invest in a log burner or wood burning fireplace, then you do need to know how many times on average a day or week you will use your fireplace. For instance, some people use their fireplace all day long, others during the night while some use their fireplace once a week. You need to know and have this information before you make a decision as to how much wood you need. The more times you use your fireplace, the more wood you require.

How cold is it where you’re based?

If the winter season is so cold without any central heating, you may need to heat your house all the time. For this reason, you will use more wood than a moderately cold winter season where you perhaps don’t need heat from a log burner all day every day.

The size of your house

The bigger the house the more the heat required to warm it. For a bigger house you will burn more firewood UK than a small house and therefore you will need more firewood as compared to a person with a small house. Of course, it’s not just the overall size of the house, but also the room. If you have a small barn conversion, but it’s entirely open plan with almost all section in one room, then again you will need a stove with a higher output.

The amount of firewood required will depend on whether the fireplace is the primary source of heat. If the fire is your primary source, you will need more wood. If you know you need lots of wood but are keen to save money, you should consider seasoning it yourself. This just means storing it and allowing it to dry so it’s ready for wintertime. It’s considerably cheaper to invest in unseasoned hardwood than it is to invest in seasoned hardwood that’s ready to be burned the moment you buy, so early planning can save you a considerable sum each and every year.