An office fit out is a great project to undertake, with options and opportunities aplenty. As the second largest city in the UK, Birmingham has a lot to offer businesses of all sizes, from SMEs up to global corporations. Fitting out an office is often one of the first steps towards major success that a […]
We all, I think, are currently experiencing financial pressure, but it doesn’t change the fact that we want our homes to look great or that things will eventually wear out and require replacement or renovation. Here are some tips for renovating on a tight budget. Therefore, one of the first and last impressions of your […]
Rooflights offer amazing natural light to enhance any extension or brighten up your living space, but first, a host of questions need answering.  Are you building a new extension or adding to an existing extension? Are you looking for fixed roof lights or ones that open with a remote control? Is your roof flat or […]
Although we have had quite a few storms back to back in the UK, Springtime is here, so here are a few décor tips to get you in the mood for the change of the season. If you like the boho aesthetic, this is perfect for you. A woven room divider looks like it belongs […]
Solid Oak flooring is one of the most common forms of flooring around the world. Some choose to carpet over the top of it, but it remains the case that oak flooring is in common use, and for a number of good reasons. It is a strong, durable, and long lasting material that can undergo […]
Awnings are a great addition to your home, however they do require some regular upkeep to keep them looking and functioning at their best. Did you know that awnings are vulnerable to fading, corrosion and heat damage when used incorrectly and not maintained regularly. Fortunately there’s plenty of ways to prevent this from happening. Here […]
Rooflight can add light to a poorly lit room or attic renovations.  However, some factors should be considered before deciding on which roof lights to install. Consider the shape of your roof A lot of homeowners do not consider the shape of their roofs when deciding on roof lights.  People with a sloping roof have […]
A vintage style home is always in fashion, so here are a few ideas to inspire you. Never be afraid of vintage home styling.  People get hung up on what they should put in their home, but a home is as unique as you. If you like it, then go for it.  Dare to be […]
We send approx. 1/3 of our lives asleep, meaning the bedroom should be cosy and relaxing. When deciding that you want to redecorate this room, you don’t need to demolish anything!  Here are our top tips. Organise and de-clutter Start by reorganising your bedside table.  Do you need all those books on there?  Put them […]
Have you been considering getting a dishwasher but not quite sure what type is going to best suit your kitchen? There are various sizes and types of dishwashers. Dishwasher types are typically either built-in or freestanding. When it comes to sizes, the freestanding dishwasher have a standard size, which would fit into the larger space […]
Whether you are thinking of selling your home or are just looking for ways to improve its aesthetic qualities, spending a bit of time improving the front of your house, is a great place to start. The front of the house is the first thing you see coming home and the first thing others see. […]
It is quite natural that glass garden room becomes a hot topic in the world of gardening. This glass cover could effectively remove all pests from your ground or simply ensure effective insulation for protection from extreme weather conditions such as rain and snow, hail and other harsh climatic effects. It is safe to say […]

Office fit-outs for efficiency

From space planning to furniture selection, lighting, and interior design elements, office fit-outs are tailored to enhance the efficiency of your space. Ergonomic furniture, efficient layout designs, and the incorporation of modern technologies create an atmosphere conducive to work.

The Practical Appeal of uPVC Doors

Offering homeowners decreased maintenance alongside enhanced insulation and cost savings compared to wooden alternatives, uPVC has surged in popularity for exterior doors. Seamlessly mimicking the texture and visual warmth of timber, foam-filled composite doors withstand weathering without troublesome upkeep of repeated paint touch-ups when wood warps or cracks. Around a sturdy steel interior frame, the uPVC skin resists denting and never requires more than an occasional wipe down. Practicality merges with curb appeal through customisable colours, frosted glass inserts and chrome hardware. uPVC doors deliver lasting quality with exceptional functionality for everyday use.