Lamps: Why they Say an Awful Lot about a Room

A lamp or a series of lamps will obviously add practicality to rooms (with bright light), but they’re also extremely important in terms of styling.

A Luxo lamp is perfect for executive offices and living rooms and it can add a classical style to a room, yet it’s highly practical too and you can move the light to face whatever direction you wish.

Lava lamps are rather 70s in style, and they tend to come and go but they can work brilliantly in colourful rooms and cosy snugs, but they won’t provide quite as much light as a standard lamp.

An oak table lamp with a classical lamp shade may not be the most modern, but it’s still a quality option, and the classical style can work well in any type of home. Sleek touch lamps are completely different, and you’ll often find these stainless style models in contemporary, glossy homes.