Top tips for burning wood in your new log burner

When you have a crackling fire in your living room, the uncomfortable weather can become more tolerable and you can finally create a comfy atmosphere. Wood and briquettes are two of the most popular options for wood burners and fireplaces, but whatever fuel you decide on, with a few simple tips, you will make it easier to fire up and clean the fireplace. If the fireplace burns down, it is better to use only small amounts of wood or briquettes.

Because the furnace of the furnace is overcrowded, the material does not burn completely, making it a lot more difficult to keep the fireplace going The residues settles in the combustion chamber and pulls the smoke into the chimney, which can cause damage over time.

Fast fires are easier to come by

For a fast and warm fire, it is best to place two logs of wood in the oven. Then comes the fireplace lighter. The shavings of the kindling wood are built over like an Indian tent. The small chips are first ignited and ensure fast heat; the large logs burn from above slowly and evenly. Kindling wood chips of softwood are suitable because they provide heat quickly. They have a comparatively low density and therefore burn faster but also hotter. The thicker logs are responsible for keeping the heat. They should, therefore, consist of harder hardwoods, as they burn down more slowly due to their higher density.

Sufficient air when lighting

The stove needs a lot of oxygen during lighting. Therefore, the air supply should be set to the lighting position or to the maximum value. And if there are butterfly valves or gate valves, they must be open. The air supply is reduced again when the flames have reached and ignited all logs. The value to be set for each oven is stated in the operating instructions.

For the first time stove owners have to refill when a base ember has formed and only minor flames are left. Then the logs always come with the splitting edge down on the embers. The wood should be refilled and not thrown into the oven room. Otherwise, this can damage the lining of the firebox. To accelerate the ignition, the air supply can be increased for a short time after refueling. There are also many stove accessories that can help provide more air, so be sure to speak to a retailer is you’re having problems with your log burner or multi-duel stove.

The best wood for the fireplace

Anyway, you should use dry firewood as much as possible. The wetter the wood, the more smoke it produces when burning. The wood should have residual moisture of a maximum of 20 percent. Then it heats best and burns low in pollutants. To achieve this, it has to dry for two to three years, depending on the species. For this purpose, the firewood should be protected from rain and still be stored airily – the best is a covered wooden hut suitable.